Five Things ///// 11.8.13

How was your week? Mine was relatively uneventful which was a-okay after a long weekend in ATL. And let's be honest, this is really the calm before the storm. The storm being my 35th birthday next week, obviously. My weekend looks to be low key as well. Of course there's always room for a couple of drinks and some fun even in a low key weekend. Cheers!

- The soundtrack for the new Cohen Brothers movie Inside Llewyn Davis which I listened to all week. The movie, which isn't out until Christmas, is about the Greenwich Village folk scene of the 60's. I watched the trailer and spied a couple of choice shots of my old stomping ground. Then I had some tender moments.

- This drugstore hair product which is my new favorite thing. It tames my frizzies and helps keep things smooth and silky. And did I mention it's form the drugstore?

- This delectable looking pumpkin treat. I've been wanting to indulge in a home baked pumpkin-y treat and this one looks like it just might be worth all the calories.

- BOOTS! Because at long last, my search ends.

- This documentary about the criminal justice system and drug policy in the U.S. It was amazingly powerful and thought provoking, I can't recommend it enough.