Five Things ///// 10.11.13

-This movie that you should hurry up and see. Or avoid altogether. I saw it and thought it was fantastic but the hype is building it up way too much.
-These jeans. Because they're skinny jeans and I don't absolutely effing hate them. It's a miracle. Now to be clear, they don't look like this on my lumpy body. But still.
-I think this manicure (a.k.a. My Rally Nails) was one of my greatest ideas ever. Unfortunately, it did jack squat for my team. And it's a little awkward that I'm still rocking it.
-This candy bar (a Crunchie!) because I have one in my fridge that my Man brought me all the way from London. Actually he brought me two and a bag of Crunchie bits. But those are long gone.
-Oh and have I mentioned I'm going to Camp Mighty? Yup. Leaving Wednesday. Excited. Curious. Anxious. And can't wait to see a few of my favorite bloggy pals.

Happy weekend y'all. xo