Sleep Like A Champion

There are few things in this world that I value more than my sleep. I try to get eight hours every night. I believe strongly in the fact that sleep is a key factor (perhaps THE key factor) in staying healthy and feeling good. I never understood those people who claimed to not need much sleep. Are they crazy? Sleep is the best.

"Sleep like a champion" is something I started saying to my man before bed in lieu of boring, old "good night." I am not sure where exactly this phrase came from. Did I hear it somewhere along the way? Or did I create it myself in the bizarre, cavernous recesses of my brain? The world may never know for sure. The saying has become a bit of a catchphrase around here. A mantra even. So much so that I decided I needed to commemorate this belief system. In a festive, sparkly way. Obviously.

I did some poking around on etsy looking for custom garlands and I found that this shop had exactly what I pictured and it was reasonably priced. Sara, the shop owner, was super helpful and the finished product is absolutely perfect (she's even using it as an example on her shop site). I highly recommend her for all your sparkly garland needs. And if I know y'all, you have many. The masterpiece now hangs above my bed as a constant reminder to make getting some quality z's a priority. And maybe I never make my bed and my pillows are always in a weird, messy pile like that. Maybe that's just how I roll.

And with that I wish you a happy weekend. I hope it's fun and restful. In fact, I hope you sleep like a champion.