Five Things for Friday ///// 9.13.13

This purse. It would be perfect for fall and I am lusting after it and I totally won't buy it.
This Eyeshadow Prime Potion which was recommended to me by a pal and as it turns out is the best there is and makes your eyeshadow stay on for approximately forever.
This book which I recently finished for my book club. It was really good. So good in fact that I finished it like three weeks early (unheard of).
This protein powder which is vegetable based and packs a serious nutritional air punch to my morning smoothie. It's my new obsession.
This chair that recently found a new home in my apartment. I spotted it in this fabulous etsy shop and the simple fact is, I am head over heels in love with the thing.

Now I order you to go have a happy weekend. xo