Make Me: Zucchini Butter


You must make this zucchini butter. It's insanely easy and insanely tasty. Also, perfect timing as the greenmarket is blowing up with zucchini and squash of all sorts. It's impossible to screw this up. Impossible I tell you!

Zucchini Butter recipe from

2-3 whole zucchini or sqaush olive oil onions, shallots and/or garlic salt and pepper

Using a box grater, grate all your gourds. You'll have a big pile of shreds. Heat some olive oil (a good glug, a tablespoon or two) and saute your onion, shallot and/or garlic (whatever you have is fine - a combo is ideal). Dump your shreds in and give them a good stir. Now just let them cook and cook and and cook some more. Add some salt and pepper. Check back often, stirring and scraping up the delicious burned bits. Every stove is different, but I'd say the magic will happen somewhere around 15 minutes. You'll see the color change (see pic from green yellow to a highly attractive yellowish/brown) and the consistency will become buttery and spreadable. This is when you know it's done. Take off the heat and spread on bread or crackers right away. It aso saves in the fridge for forever and you can mix it with your eggs. Or eat it as a dip with baby carrots. Or just have a big spoonful every once and awhile.

This is really good stuff.