I Dreamed a Dream

So, as it turns out, I'm in love with Brooklyn. I don't miss Manhattan AT ALL. Now maybe that's because I lived there for eight years and got it all out of my system. Or maybe it's simply because Brooklyn's the shit. In either case, it's been about four months and I'm overjoyed with my decision to settle in the BK. So much so that I've found myself dreaming of buying an entire brownstone. I love my place to death but it's an apartment building and I find myself longing for the things a brownstone offers as I amble pass them in my day to day life. First of all  - A STOOP! I'd sit there often. Drinking coffee, reading the paper, drinking wine, etc. A brownstone would also allow a backyard or patio of some sort which happens to be the only thing in life that I care about. Okay, maybe not the only thing but outdoor space really makes a difference in my life. Luckily, pretty much every restaurant and bar in my 'hood has back patios and porches so I can scratch my sitting outside itch easily. And of course, there's the park. But, still. A girl can dream. And in my dream I'd buy a brownstone as a real estate investment so I would live in one part and then rent the other part out for income. Doesn't that sound like a most excellent plan? Unfortunately it seems many people have this plan so entire brownstones for sale are few and far between. And then there's that pesky little issue of price. But there was an open house in my 'hood this weekend and my Dude and I went just to dip a toe in. Because, you know, why not?

And who knows. Crazier things have certainly happened. And in this pretend future, when I'm all settled in my brownstone, I'll have each and every one of you ever for a glass of sparkling red (MY NEW JAM!) on the stoop. We'll shoot the shit and watch the world go by.