Bad Words


I curse a lot. So much so that I don't even notice it anymore. Like dropping eff bombs in front of toddlers and shit. See?! I just did it. I don't even really hear them anymore. In my daily life there aren't that many occasions when cursing would be frowned upon. I can curse at work (okay, maybe not on a client call), in front of my parents (where do you think I learned it?!) and with pretty much anyone else I hang out with on the regular. I guess us potty mouths tend to stick together, eh? But I also understand that not everyone is as loose with the swearing. When I met my Man's parents for the first time in June I made sure to keep a lid on the bad words. They're nice folks and I didn't want them thinking "who is this crazy, city girl who curses like a dang sailor?!" But don't worry, I did good. I didn't drop even a single eff bomb. My problem was kept under wraps (at least for now). But seriously, is it even a problem? If I'm being honest (and when have I ever been less than forthright?), I've never understood why people get so upset about cursing. As long as it's done well, I happen to love some bad words peppered in for effect or emphasis of even good ol' fashioned laughs.

Was he an asshole? No he was a fucking asshole.

Do you want to go get sandwiches? Fuck yes, I want to go get sandwiches.

See what I mean? But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm the only motherfucker who feels this way.

What say you?