Watching Reading Listening

Just a quick mid-summer pop culture update...

WATCHING - I'm remembering why I loved Newsroom so damn much and I'm getting into Orange is the new Black. Have you noticed that EVERYONE is talking about that show? Well that's because it's really effing good.

LISTENING - First Aid Kit for folksy, lady songwriting. The latest Mavis Staples for rhythm and blues, gospel-y, soul goodness. And, my new fave (who I just saw live on Saturday and it was fantastic), The Lone Bellow. I've heard them be called Brooklyn country which is just code for music that Amy loves and can't get enough of.

READING - Just finished Behind The Beautiful Forevers. It was a very intense heaping pile of perspective and also just a really good read. Now I'm onto I Was Told There'd Be Cake and so far it's a hilarious and breezy. Perfect beach material. About to start The Starboard Sea which is about teenage prep school drama and upper class privilege. Usually makes for a nice page turner.

Okay. Now your turn. What's on your TV/record player/nightstand?