The story of my chairs

Hellllllllo again. I know I've been an erratic blogger as of late. I was away working a crazy freelance job and then I had to recover from said crazy freelance job and now I'm back to normalish. Well, as normal as I ever get. But, life is good. Summer is here! (it has already been in the 90's) and I enjoyed a particularly boozy and Braves game filled Memorial Day weekend. As it should be. My wallet found it's way back to me and I think I'm going to buy a bike soon. Brooklyn is treating me well and I'm slowly pulling my apartment together. I did procure a lovely dining table from Ikea a month ago and assembled it with the help of my very talented and determined Mom. I had my eye on a beaut of a table from Restoration Hardware (actually the same one I gave to my sister and bro-in-law for their wedding) BUT ultimately I decided not to spend a lot on a table. I happen to have space for a big table now but who knows if that will always be true and I'd hate to be stuck with a big, beautiful table but nowhere to put it. So, a cheapy but perfectly lovely Ikea table won out this time. However, that leaves the very daunting/exciting task of chairs. I have always loved the idea of mismatched chairs (so much so I even started a dorky pinterest board of them). So after several weeks of careful, considered reflection I was leaning towards getting chairs in the same color but in a variety of styles. At first, I thought I wanted yellow. I even prepared a post about looking for yellow chairs.

But then I remembered that sometimes I get a little too excited when it comes to color and that maybe the yellows would be hard to match. So, then I decided a mix of all white chairs would be really excellent. Simple and clean but still interesting. In fact, I got really into that idea and  prepared yet another post.

I was convinced that it made some sense to really invest in chairs. After all, I'll always need a place to sit, right? But, as usual, I got nervous and I balked at spending too much (um- chairs are expensive in case you were wondering). So I lost my nerve and I got a bunch of these instead. Yes, they are in fact folding lawn chairs intended for outside use. And call me crazy, but that's exactly why I love them.

So hooray! I have new chairs! Won't you come on over and take a load off? I'll save you a seat.

Happy Friday.

xo, Amy

p.s. Please forgive the sparse styling in this photo. Actually just be happy the entire surface of this table isn't covered in all of my random shit.

yellow chairs clockwise 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6white chairs clockwise: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6