The Dating Files: Traveling Together

In any new relationship there are milestones. First kiss. First time you spend the night at each other's house. First fight. etc. And traveling together for the first time is also one of those milestones. If you can't travel well that's usually a pretty bad sign. Your traveling styles have to mesh or you're in big trouble. So, My Dude and I are going to be crossing that milestone very soon, today in fact. But here's the thing, for our first trip we're not doing a simple long weekend at the beach or a a few days in a some random city for a wedding. No, we're going to be traveling for TEN WHOLE DAYS. That's quite a trip. In fact, I'll let that sink in a minute before I tell you that we're going to both his hometown AND mine so we can meet each other's families. Because that's not high stress or anything. And meeting the folks really is a relationship milestone all it's own, no?


So to recap, we're traveling together for the first time for ten days and we're meeting each other's families. NBD.

I'm a little anxious, yes. But I'm actually not worried. I know it sounds crazy. And maybe it is. But a little crazy every now and then is a good thing. And crazy usually means fun and you know I'm a big fan of that stuff.

Alright, away we go. Wish us luck.