Five Things for Friday ///// 6.27.2013

1. This bike which I recently purchased and am in love with. Actually, want to know something totally embarrassing and slightly adorable but super lame? My Dude and I got matching bikes. I know. I know. We didn't want to but we both happened to like the same one so we kinda had no choice. Oh well. We're biking all over the town with our adorable matching bikes.

2. This book which I just finished and feel compelled to recommend it to you as a beach read because I enjoyed it so much. (Disclaimer: I read it for a book club and I don't think anyone else loved it as much as I did)

3. This backpack for toting around all my crap whilst riding the aforementioned bike.

4. This pancake mix. Not only is it in super easy to make mix form but it's also nice and healthy. Things are about to get really pancakey up in hurr. p.s. add blueberries!

5. This tank. Nothing earth shattering just neon polka dots with an easy, drapey fit. And on sale.

Keep on keepin' on y'all. Lots of love from the world of vacation. Have a happy weekend!