Get Old Fashioned With Me

Big news. I've become a whiskey drinker. It's a pretty recent development but I've rapidly become a BIG fan. Makers and soda is a good option but an Old Fashioned has become my jam as of late. The best. And the other night I attempted them at home (using this recipe). I prefer bourbon (but had rye) and I'd rather use a sugar cube or simple syrup (but had regular old sugar). Also, I know some people will be angered by my use of maraschino cherries but I like the festive addition of a cherry or two. But I will agree that these gorcery store ones are pretty scary so I'd like to invest in some fancy maraschino cherries or eff it I'll just make my own. I don't mind an orange slice mixed in, and a hint of club soda for some faint fizziness. I'm gonna try blood orange next.

So tell me, do you enjoy an Old Fashioned? If so, how?