Five Things For Friday ///// 4.12.2013

This postcard because I'm in San Francisco and have been staying with one of my all-time favorite folks since Wednesday.
This hotel because I'm checking in today. For a fabulous wedding tomorrow. Oh and my sis and brother-in-law also happen to be staying at said hotel as they wrap up their honeymoon.
These ice cubes because I've started to make ice cubes from coconut water and use them in my morning smoothies. Yes, it's as delicious as it sounds and yes I am in fact a genius.
This resort in Dominican Republic because I stayed their last weekend for my cousin's wedding ('tis the season, I suppose) and had a fabulous time. Plus I got a taste of sun and you know this girl loves her some sunshine.
And this dress which just happens to be my wedding guest garb for this weekend. It also happens to be a most lovely raspberry color.

Alright y'all, happy weekend! Make it a fun one. xo