Thoughtful Eating: Green Smoothies

thoughtful_eating_greensmoothies Like everyone, I drank smoothies from Smoothie King back in high school like there was a chance they might run out of 'em.  Of course, this was before I knew how much sugar was in those babies. Now I know you may as well indulge in a milkshake for goodness sake. But homemade smoothies are a different story. You can control what goes in them and make sure they're packed with nutritional goodness and no extra BS. I got back on the smoothie train a year or so ago when my trainer told me I might not be getting enough protein. It was the tastiest way to get my protein powder. But it wasn't until recently that I started making green smoothies. And let me tell you, they are a perfect breakfast. That's why I have one almost every darn day (except for the occasional weekend brunch when I have some elaborate egg dish or a decadent carb-y bagel).


I have a little single use blender that I use to whip these puppies up in and I love it. I dream of a Vitamix so I can use heartier greens but they're expensive and bulky. And for now, my little guy is just fine. Here's the "recipe" I use but as you know I rarely measure things but this is the basic gist.

A big handful of spinach roughly torn up Two scoops protein powder (I use a kind from my gym) 1/2 cup almond milk (or almond/coconut blend, or regular milk in a pinch) ---I usually go ahead and blend those first three ingredients to make sure the spinach is all chopped up--- 1 serving ground flax seed (2 tablespoons) or 1 serving chia seeds (1 tablespoon) 1/2 cup various frozen fruits (whatever you like; blueberries, cherries, strawberries, peaches, pineapple, etc.) 1/2 cup of ice (some people don't add ice but I love it because it makes me think I am eating dessert)

Blend and enjoy. And then feel very proud of how awesomely healthy you are.

Do you partake in smoothies?