The Great Purge!


It's moving week (Thursday's the big day). And I've been working solid for the last ten days. I'm slowly making progress with packing but I still have quite a bit to do. Let's be honest though, you can attempt to be prepared and organized but the lion's share of the packing always gets done at 3AM in a panicked rush. It's like writing a term paper. Or working on a pitch at an advertising agency. It's always a mad dash style finish. Of course, I'm trying to be organized but sometimes trying just isn't enough.

So get rid of all your shit is my new mantra. Not really but kind of.

The thing about moving is it forces you to really take a look at all of your stuff. And because I move a lot, I am taking that long hard look at all of my things more frequently then most. And I actually love that part of it. When you have to pack and unpack every single thing that you own you realize what you really love and what is, at the end of the day, just extra stuff. In the last few years I've become a huge fan of purging. Part of that had to do with downsizing apartments after a break up and part of it had to do with losing weight. Once the pounds started disappearing, I wanted to get rid of my clothes that were too big. It was exciting to donate them and make room for new things in smaller sizes, like a victory. And once I started doing it I realized how effing good it feels to streamline your wardrobe. Nowadays I can be pretty relentless - if I don't LOVE (or at least genuinely like) how I look in it I think it should go. It's better to have a smaller wardrobe of pieces you like and wear than a giant one full of ill-fitting stuff you aren't wild about. Don't get me wrong, it's hard and I still struggle with it. What if I change my mind about these shoes? Or this cardigan? Or maybe my thighs hips will be less massive in that one striped dress? But then I remember that I haven't regretted getting rid of a single thing yet. And you can always buy new stuff.

There's a part of me that wants to get rid of almost everything. It feels good to purge, it makes me feel lighter and less tied down like I could move at any moment. Maybe I won't always like that feeling, but for right now it works for me. So as I pack up I'm trying to be tough on myself when deciding what should come along with me to Brooklyn. Come on Amy, you haven't looked at this book in two years! But, I find myself wondering if maybe I should keep all of these books that I never look at, games that I never play or craft supplies I never use. Because what if I want to someday?! That would be a tragedy!! Well, nobody said it was easy. I like to take it all in baby steps. If I have a stack of ten books, I tell myself I can keep six. The rest, I give away. There, that wasn't so bad, was it?

At the end of the day I try and ask myself: Do I love it? and/or Do I use it? It's really just that simple.

So here's to a less cluttered apartment which I firmly believe is good for the soul. I'm going to continue to try and surround myself with things that I love and things that I use. And maybe a couple piles of crap just for good measure. I'm not perfect, after all.

p.s. In case you missed it, this piece about living with less was spot on.