The Dating Files: The Double Date

I'm never sure how obvious I am on here so you may (or may not have) have picked up on the fact that I'm sorta seeing someone. He likes to pick me up and he made me a mix cd.

How do you feel about double dates? I happen to like them. It's always nice to change up the dynamic and they're especially interesting in the beginning stages. You get to see a whole other side of the person. See how they are in this new, unknown social setting. Good conversationalist? Easy going about group ordering? Making funny jokes? Good manners? Asking questions? Etc. It's a gold mine of new information!

A couple weekends ago we went on on a double date. My friend and her boyfriend (who lives out of town) wanted to have Greek food. And this boy (the one that I'm kind of seeing) happens to live in the Greek food epicenter of New York City. So, I asked him to pick the restaurant, something delicious and amazing. No pressure. And those are fairly crucial details, aren't they? The fact that it was my friend we were double dating with and that he had to pick the restaurant definitely took some of the pressure off of me... and put it right on him.But homeboy handled himself like a champ. And all four of us gorged ourselves on delicious greek food and had a fantastic time.

And after the date I got the official thumbs up he's awesome text from my friend. Which was good because let's be honest, that was kinda the entire point.

So my friends what do you think of double dates, yay or neigh?