Should I Move to Red Hook?

Alright, friends. We're nearing the end of potential Brooklyn neighborhoods for your girl to inhabit. Today, let's consider Red Hook shall we? I have turned to Brooke of Brookelyn Photography to sell me on this off-the-beaten-path 'hood. First things first; I feel I should admit I have been to Red Hook four times. 1) To go to Ikea with my mom 2) To visit the food trucks 3) To go to Ikea with an ex bf 4) To shop at Fairway with aforementioned ex bf. I never really considered living in Red Hook but Brooke makes it sound pretty awesome. And I had access to a Fairway when I lived on the Upper West Side and I sure wouldn't mind having that incredible store in my life again. That place is legit.

This is getting harder and harder by the minute. The last thing I need is another neighborhood to consider. But I appreciate the vital info, Brooke! And thanks so much for stopping by! Be sure to check out Brooke's beautiful photography and her blog. Watch out though, her work will definitely make you want to get married (you've been warned).