Five Things for Friday ///// 3.8.2013

So I'm introducing something new around here... Five Things For Friday. From time to time I'll be posting a little smattering of things (five to be exact) that I'm particularly digging. Or things that caught me eye. Or things I like. Or love. Or whatever. You get the idea. So here's the inaugural five things form this week.

This rug - I in a really navy place these days. And I think I need this, even if it is intended for a nursery.
This documentary - I saw it last night and it was breathtaking. Go now.
This pair of sunglasses - Because I so miss the sun! And thick tortoise frames are sexy.
This granola - It's nothing special, they have it in the regular old grocery store but it sure is tasty. So tasty in fact I had five bowls of it the other night. (who does that?!)
This tee-shirt - It's sold out online so I may have to track it down in person.

That's all I've got. Now go have a happy weekend! I know you deserve it.