Five Things For Friday ///// 3.22.2013 (Spring Edition)

1. This new tshirt because it marks the most exciting part of spring for this lady which is (obviously) the return of baseball. More specifically Atlanta Braves baseball. And my yearly tradition of buying a cute new Braves tee continues...
2. This song/you tube video. Can't stop listening and singling along.
3. This gorgeous bike because I figure once I move to Brooklyn I have to get one. I mean it's sort of a rule, right?
4. Listen to me very clearly. Roast some fennel. Like now. You can thank me later.
5. I need another tote like I need a hole in the head. But this particular tote is spring-y and flowery and even though it's officially spring it certainly doesn't feel like it around these parts. But, I have to believe that sunny days and warm breezes are just around the corner. They had better be.

Now, I'll be working all weekend. And when I'm not working I'll be packing. So please go have some fun and cocktails for me. It's the least you can do.