When I Grow Up. Part Four.

Thinking about what I want to be when I grow up is a favorite activity. And yes, technically perhaps I am grown up but is there anything more exciting than the idea of a totally different career and a new life path. That kind of pondering really gets this lady excited. You already know I'd love to design and run a southern inn, open a high end general store and be a florist. But that's not all! There's plenty more dreamscapes where that came from. When I grow up...

I want to be a baker!

I love baking and find it incredibly therapeutic. And so satisfying! You get to work with your hands and create something in a few hours that people get to enjoy. What's better than that? I don't let myself bake all that much around here because I simply cannot be trusted around any baked goods or batters. But when the chance comes along to bake something, I always take it. I'd make sure my bakery was super cute, obvie. And I'd have a killer collection of vintage cake stands. And can you even begin to imagine the delectable smells? I'm quite sure my bakery would make delicious everything, but cookies would be our specialty and we'd serve you a nice glass of cold milk to go along with them. Because I firmly believe that's one of the tastiest things in the world. Oh, and we would have every color of baker's twine so when you bought something you could pick which color you wanted. It's those kind of little details that really make my (completely made up and totally pretend) bakery stand apart form the competition, don't you agree?


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