The Dating Files: The Pick-Up Artist

So, guess what? I went on a date about three weeks ago and something happened that's never happened to me before in all my dating in NYC adventures. This particular date picked me up. Now I know that doesn't sound so weird to most of you. If you live anywhere besides NYC getting picked up for a date is fairly normal. But here in the city no one has a car so you always meet at your destination. This has been the norm in my dating life thus far. Until a few weeks ago when I went on a date with a gent who offered to pick me up. "Do you have a car?" I asked. "No, why?" He responded. I was completely thrown off. We were going to the movie and my place was out of the way for him. But, he's a gentleman (they still exist, apparently) and was simply showing his good ol' fashioned southern (!) manners. So my friends, it happened. He took the subway and came to my apartment and he picked me up. And the we walked to the movies together. And it was very nice.

Besides being a lovely date. It was such a nice reminder of two things: 1) Chivalry ain't dead, y'all. 2) Dating and romance in NYC can still surprise me.

That's all I've got for now. Have a happy weekend,

xo Amy