The Dating Files: The Importance of Music

Some people might call me crazy, but I place a lot of importance on the musical taste of my potential mate. Maybe it's silly, but music matters to me. They don't have to share my exact taste (I actually love it when a boy introduces me to fun, new bands) but there should be some common themes. A person's taste in music tells me a lot about them and if I find that we have similar likes I already feel a sort of kinship. On the other hand, if our music tastes are totally different I get worried. We won't want to sit around listening to records or go to the same outdoor shows during the summer! How will we decide which Pandora station to play while we cook dinner?! What songs will we make out to?! These are things I worry about. If he only likes heavy metal or Christian rock I think it's safe to say it's probably not going to work out between us. Like that time I went on a blind date with the guy whose favorite artists was Kenny Chesney. Listen I'm from Georgia and I went to school in Texas so I appreciate me some country music. But Kenny Chesney as your favorite artist, without a smidge of irony? Call me a judgemental b but I found it somewhat odd.

Music has always played a roll in my romantic life. I mean I basically learned all about romance via mixtapes, lets be honest. I wish mix tapes were still a part of normal life. Even mix cds are a dying art form. But I am a person who believes strongly (and passionately) in the power of the mix and it is not a process that should be taken lightly. I love making mixes for people and think it is the most personal, wonderful gift you can give. I remember making them lovingly for my high school boyfriend. And, of course, he would make them for me too. Because there is really nothing sweeter than getting a mix tape from a boy. That's really the tops. And wouldn't it be so terrible if you hated all the songs on said mix tape? Speaking of, I just got a mix cd as a gift from a boy. And guess what? It featured an Avett Brothers song AND a Mumford and Sons song. See what I mean? That's what we call a good sign, my friends.

So tell me, do you think music taste matters? At all? Or is that just something silly single people say?

And with that, I bid you a happy weekend. Long live the mix tape!

xo, Amy