Should I Move to Gowanus?

Alright, here we go again... Yet another Brooklyn neighborhood to consider. Today I've got fellow southern gal Melissa from On Board the Gravy Train here to sing the praises of Gowanus. And I'll be honest with you; Gowanus wasn't really on my radar as a 'hood I was considering. But, Melissa makes some really good and interesting points. And because of her, I added it to my list of possiblities. Nicely done, Melissa. Nicely done indeed.

Be sure to go vivit Melissa at her blog On Board the Gravy Train. Thanks for stopping by, Lady! And no matter how this thing shakes out can we pun-lease make a date to meet for pie at Four and Twenty Blackbirds once I get settled. I've been there once and it the pie was totally ridiculous.