Last week it was so ridiculously freezing here in the city I only left my apartment to go to the gym, the grocery store and my writing class. I was in full on cozy hermit mode and it was fantastic. Made a big pot of this and sent some serious QT on the couch. It was too effing cold to do anything else. And with quality couch time comes lots of TV viewing. I'm all caught up on many shows but that's not important. In between TV shows I also watched the documentary Undefeated (off iTunes).

Holy. Shit.

You have to watch this. Right now. It was amazing. And if you've already seen it because it's a year old AND won the Oscar for Best Documentary last year then good for you and please don't make fun of how behind on the times I am. Here's a preview to get you excited.

Oh and you can thank me later. xo