The Dating Files: My Year Of Dating

Oh 2012. What a year you were. Among other things, this year was particularly date filled. It was the first time in quite awhile that I've been single for the entire calendar year. And I made it count, my friends. Inspired by this amazing Dater's Index by my pal Emily McDowell, here's my own mini-version for 2012, A Year of Dating.

First Dates: 33
Number of those that were online dates: 29
Number of those dates that ended with a first kiss/kisses: 15 (don't judge me)
Number of guys who I would describe as "cute": 11
Number of beards: 7
Number of Manhattanites: 15
Number of Brooklynites: 11
Number of guys that genuinely made me laugh: approximately 4
Number of foreigners: 3
Number of guys originally from the South: 3
Number of lawyers: 3
Number of stand up comedians: 3
Number of truck drivers: 1
Number of professions I didn't totally understand: 7
Youngest: 27
Oldest: 41
Second Dates: 13
Third Dates: 6
Fourth Dates: 3
Most Common Name: Chris/Andy/Ben
Number of times I have randomly run into one of these dates after the fact: 3
Number of guys who wore a thumb ring: 1
Number of guys who wore a ladies trench coat: 1
Number of guys I shacked up with for three days and nights during Hurricane Sandy: 1
Number of guys I am still in some sort of contact with: 6
Number of first dates already on the horizon for 2013: 3-5

So there you have it. My Great Year of Dating was exhausting and frustrating at times but it was also a hell of a lot of fun. As crazy as it sounds, I recommend going on a shit load of dates. I learned so much about what I'm looking for and what I'm definitely not looking for. I'm confident now that when I find it, I'll definitely know it. So here's to having a much shorter list in 2013. Or to at least having some more fun.

Happy New Year!

xo Amy