Pumpkin + Booze

I met a friend out for dinner on Sunday night. It was my first social outing in over a week and I decided to allow myself one drink. Upon reading the menu I feel in love with the sound of a cocktail called the Pumpkin Buck. It was made with whiskey, maple syrup and house-made pumpkin soda. I excitedly ordered this heavenly sounding concoction only to find out they were out of the housemade pumpkin soda which seemed pretty crucial to the whole endeavor. I ended up with a glass of pinot noir instead (sad trombone). But I haven't been able to get that pumpkin cocktail out of my mind. And now I only want to drink things that have both pumpkin and booze in them. "Tis the season after all.

{image Smith & Ratliff}

A little interwebs search turned up this beauty which I may have to make at home with some quickness. And wouldn't you know it, my fellow West Village blog pals Laura and Ryan of Smith & Ratliff created it. And I trust those two when it comes to the important business of booze.