It's True Love


Georgia, the namesake of this blog, will always occupy a huge amount of real estate in my heart. Not only is it my home state but it's where many of the people I love most in this world reside. The universe did me a solid by making me a southerner and I thank my lucky stars for that quite often. But, I was thinking about the fact that I've been in New York for eight years earlier this week and that's a damn long time. Long enough to make New York a second home. My home. And holy shit do I love this town.

New York is always reminding you that you are alive. Your senses are always alert here. And you know that feeling when you look up at the stars and you realize just how fucking tiny and ridiculous we all are? Well, New York does that to me all the time. It keeps me humble and I'm grateful for it.

New York is a force to be reckoned with, kind of like the ocean. Just when you think maybe you've got this town all figured out, it will doing something that leaves you dumbfounded. New York is fickle and keeps you you on your toes. One of the only things you can count on in this town is that it's always changing. People move here and then move away and things open and close on a dime. Every place, thing and moment is precious in New York.

It's much more than just the place I live. In some ways, it's like another character in the story of my life.  When my life sort of fell apart after a bad break-up, New York was here for me. I moved 80 blocks south and started all over again. I was lost and then I found myself. I lied, I'm still finding myself. And as I move through the days and months and years and try to figure out what I want my life to be, I always fall back on New York. No, I'm not sure if this is where I belong. But it's where I am and that makes me happy. Looking for love and happiness and good things in this crazy town.

And when all else fails and work is annoying and the boys are acting stupid, I always have this place. Because the truth is, I'm already in love. I'm in love with you, New York City.

“...quite simply, I was in love with New York. I do not mean “love” in any colloquial way, I mean that I was in love with the city, the way you love the first person who ever touches you and you never love anyone quite that way again."

-Joan Didion