What I Wear

I just saw a quote on pinterest about personal style. Of course, I didn't write it down or repin it so I can't remember exactly what it was. But it went something like this: "personal style is how you tell the world about yourself without saying anything." I enjoy that. Awhile ago, a good friend and I had a long talk about defining our personal styles. We wanted to settle on a phrase or a series of words that perfectly summed up the way we present ourselves through our wardrobes. You see, something happens in your 30's. You start to really understand and define what your personal style is. Part of that comes from finally accepting what looks good on your body and sticking with those things (I'll never look good in skinny jeans. Period). You've found what styles are flattering and what styles make you feel good. The actual definition of my personal style is a work in progress. I sort of like Easygoing Feminine with a hint of Sexy because that sort of sums everything up.

Easygoing: a little bit casual, simple, laid back
Girly: pretty and girly
Sexy: just a dash of sexiness

I remain unconvinced that that's the perfect iteration of my personal style, but you get the idea. I like things uncomplicated. I don't over accessorize or do a bunch of complicated layering. I'm also not particularly fancy. I mean I can dress up with the best of them but I still love my cowboy boots and flip-flops. I like dressing like a woman which means mostly dresses and skirts. I favor pretty feminine looks with a hint of sexiness. I love color and fun patterns. I love clothes that celebrate the fact that I'm a girl. And you've probably picked up on the fact that I rather enjoy shopping. I guess you could call me an enthusiast of sorts because I do love acquiring pretty new things (mostly dresses) quite a bit. This loosely defined personal style can also serve as a blueprint when shopping. If it fits within my personal style I've a better chance of avoiding the tragic out of your comfort zone impulse buy that inevitably sits in your closest mocking you for at least a year before you cave and give it away.

So what do you think? How would you define your personal style?

p.s. here's my Things I Bought To Wear pinterest board which is kind of a nice snapshot of my personal style