Costa Rica: The People


Here's our little crew: Brett (instructor), Me, Erin, Will & Mei (married couple), Helen (instructor). Not pictured, the infamous toddler Tristan.

When I last left you, I had just discovered there was not only a married couple on my trip but also a toddler. Kind of a crazy development, no? Pura Vida mostly does all women's trips which was appealing to me. I figured most of the people would be around my age(ish), single and with an adventurous spirit. I also assumed that, like me, the other people on the trip would be on some sort of journey of self discovery. Which sounds terribly cheesy and I apologize but that's what I thought. The trip that worked in my schedule was a coed one which gave me pause for a second but I decided to go with it. I had no idea what to expect and decided if I didn't connect with the people I would just do my own thing, which comes easy for me. I never in a million years thought a married couple would be on the trip and certainly the idea of a kid being there never even crossed my mind. I was surprised, to say the least.

As we drove from Tambor to Mal Pais I sat quietly thinking about how this wasn't what I expected. Shouldn't there have been some mention of kids being allowed? I mean I'm on a journey of self discovery here and I didn't picture a three year old being along for the ride. Luckily there was one other person on the trip, Erin. Because of the circumstances I knew we would sort of be thrown together. Our rooms were right next to each and we shared a bathroom. I sat there making small talk with her and trying to figure out if she was normal or not. She turned out to be totally normal. But  even better than just being normal, we got along wonderfully. It took a day or two but once we started to get to know each other I happily found that she was sarcastic and smart ass-y, just like me. She was exactly the kind of person I thought would be on the trip. Fun and funny and at some sort of crossroads in her life. We shared a lot of personal stuff, much more than you would share with anyone you've known for less than a week in the real world. But it was Costa Rica and we became fast friends.

I think if Erin had not been there the trip would have been very different for me. It still would have been amazing, of course. But it was so nice to have a buddy to laugh with. And have dinner with. And talk about life and the future with. I feel like we really lucked out. And as it turned out the couple/kid situation was just fine. He was very adorable and they had a baby sitter for him most of the time. Although I still feel they should have mentioned the kid factor, it didn't really matter, I was in Costa Rica and still managed to have a fantastic time.

Next up... My adventures in learning to surf.