The Dating Files: The Set Up

In all of my dating adventures (and misadventures) I have never once been set up on a blind date. Do you find that strange? I never even really hear of people getting set up anymore except maybe by like an old aunt or something. And my friends and acquaintances are always saying "oh, I wish I had someone to set you up with!" But, it never happens. Until now. I was out last week for a friend's birthday and one of her friends prides herself on how good she is at setting people up. Apparently her skills have resulted in a few marriages. So, when she offered to work her magic on me, I agreed. I mean, #whynot right?

And she moves quickly. I have my first, real life, actual "blind date" tonight. And I've got to tell you it's a wee bit nerve wracking. Yes, online dates are in a sense "blind." But you've read something about the person, communicated back and forth, and you've seen their pictures.But this is totally different. I have no idea what he looks like, what he does, where he's from, etc. I know next to nothing about this man besides "medium height with brown hair." Grrrreat that should really narrow things down. I guess I'll just look for the other person in the bar whose eyes are awkwardly darting around. Or should I ask him to bring a red rose and tuck it betwixt the pages of his favorite book?

There's something nice about having the common bond of a person who thinks you might get along. Not to mention that person acts as a filter of some sort so at the very least, I'm pretty sure he won't be a total freak. A real person is definitely a tad more promising than just the old internet playing matchmaker. So, it's an adventure. Or it could be a disaster. Time will tell. But you know me, always up for anything.

So tell me. Have you ever been set up?

Happy Weekend, friends. xo Amy