The Dating Files: The Physical Side of Things

This is kind of a racy post. Even for me.

But you knew it was coming, right? I mean how much longer could I possibly go on and on about dating without even mentioning sex?! It's an important part of dating and of any relationship. Although sometimes I wonder if I place too much emphasis on sex. Because if it's not ship-shape in that department I think you should cut your loses and run the other way as fast as you can. An active and open sex life is important to me and I have learned (the hard way) I can't be with someone who doesn't feel the same way. I wonder if maybe I focus too much on the physical side of things. It's not the only thing matters, obviously. But I happen to think it's VERY important and you can't force the magic in that department.

There are people who you instantly have amazing chemistry with like on a biological level and that's always really (really) fun. But there's an argument to be made for the fact that sometimes you can achieve great chemistry with people who you weren't initially attracted to in that way. There are guys who kind of grow on you. Maybe you didn't want to rip their clothes off during the first date but the physical chemistry can be a slow and surprisingly awesome burn. I'm trying to remain open to that as an option so I don't let any great dudes slip through the cracks.

I have realized that passion and chemistry are important to me. And this is something I know about myself so as I continue to date and see what's out there I make sure to keep that in mind. I don't think it has to be all fireworks immediately. But I can't imagine a life without great sex. I just can't. How about y'all? I want to know much how important do you think it is?

Alright. This racy post is over! And now let's go have racy weekends. Those are the best kinds, right?