The Dating Files: Stop Worrying

So my little sister is getting married in just two short weeks! And I'm not even bringing a date to the wedding. There should be some kind of rule against that entire situation, right? But it's not just my sis, there are times when it feels like everyone I know is getting married and/or pregnant and/or having a second kid. And sure, I'd maybe like to get married or have a baby someday and it's entirely possible that I will. But who knows if or when that might happen. So I've decided to stop worrying. Or. At least to try to. Because the truth is, worrying doesn't do me any good. There's no telling how your life will play out, and obsessing about the uncertainty of the future won't change the outcome.


(I love this NPH quote so much. It's so perfect for where I am right now.) 

So I'm going to try like hell to not waste one more iota of energy on worrying. Instead I'm going to shift my focus and put all my energy toward being awesome. Because holy shit, I'm pretty good at that. And I figure if I keep trying to be happy and whole then my life will be, well, awesome. And the older I get the more I realize that finding a man and making babies isn't the only life plan on the menu. There are so many different ways to have a full life and maybe what you thought was your life plan was really just everybody else's life plan. So I'm going with the aforementioned new life plan - simply be awesome. Because I know I can nail that one (for example head to Costa Rica solo and learn how to surf. I leave Monday!)

Alright. It goes without saying but let's go have painfully awesome weekends. xoxo