The Dating Files: Online Sites Part Two

Well, it's been about six months since I've been back on the market. And I figured it was time for a little check in on my life as an active online dater. Online dating is a tricky business, my friends. There are thousands of dates out there just waiting to be had. The minute you think you've met them all, you find tons and tons of new ones. It's true what they say about all those fish being in the sea. So, I've tried four different sites with varied success. And people always ask me about which sites I'm using and my opinions of each. And now that I've used them all (or tried to) I feel I can offer more detailed advice than I originally did. Here we go.

Despite it’s “okstupid” nickname, this is the site that has led to the most dates for me. They use a series of questions to calculate match percentages. And they are actually fairly accurate in my experience. I mean they can't tell you if you're going to want to make-out with the dude but usually a high percentage means you will generally get along. It’s a free site, so there's no filter. But I have met plenty of normal, nice dudes. There are lots of weidos (think penis pictures, swingers, cheaters, casual sex seekers, etc.) but it’s easy to avoid those types. I think this is THE site in New York City. And if you’re going to play the numbers, which let’s be honest is kind of what online dating is all about, then this site is sort of a neccesity. There’s a lot of flakiness that comes with online dating and I think this site is particularly flakey. There are just so many people to choose from so there’s a constant state of moving on to find that next great date.

I joined this site after getting a little tired of okcupid. The concept is intriguing. Members post ideas for potential dates and that’s how you decide who to go out with. You still get to see their pictures and some basic get-to-know you type stuff. But the profiles are far less invoved than other sites. How About We is all about going out and seeing if you click not messaging back and forth a bunch of times (which I hate). It’s a relatively new site and you have to pay to join so there’s not as many potential suitors to choose from. But, it’s led to several dates for me so I still recommend it to single people I cross paths with. 

In a moment of weakness (and against better judgement) I signed up for eHamony. The flakiness of okcupid was really grating on me and I figured men on eHarmony would at least be looking for real relationships. So I joined. And the minute I logged in and saw my potantial matches for the first time I thought “I’ve made a huge mistake.” I quickly scanned them and not a one among the list with any potential. Most of them didn't even live in the City. I only logged on twice and now I'm just waiting for my subscription to expire and hating myself for ever joining. It serves me right to go against my bleeding heart liberalism and join a site that refuses to match gay couples. Shame on me!


Another site I joined when I was feeling frustrated with okcupid. Fast Cupid is the dating site for The Onion. Which sounds promising right? Funny, smart like-minded people? Well, not exactly. First and foremost the interface is so terribly designed. Nothing about it is intuitive so I can't tell how to navigate to look at matches or search for people or anything. It's the opposite of user-friendly. I haven't really done anything on this site mostly because I can't figure out how it works and I get frustrated and log off. Don't waste your time/money here, my friends.

So overall, it's really all about okcupid in my opinion. And sure I get frustrated with it. But it's not with actual okcupid it's with the process of dating. It can be frustrating. But it's also a lot of fun. And I don't totally believe that online dating is the answer. But it's another way to meet people. And like I've always said, you never know how you'll meet the next person you fall in love with so I try to be open to anything and everything. And on that note, I guess I should update you on my blind date last Friday? Well I'm sorry to report but it was most certainly not a match. Not even close. It wasn't a total disaster but we will not be going a second date. So the search continues...

So, let's have a lovely and festive weekend, my friends. It just makes good sense.