Hummus Heaven

I had hummus for dinner last night. And it dawned on me, hummus is a pretty much one of the major food groups in my diet. I eat a lot of the stuff. It's cheap and easy and quick. Give me a pile of hummus and some pita, maybe some carrots and you've got yourself a happy lady. You already know how I feel about dip, but hummus holds a special place in my heart for it's relatively low calories and protein packed goodness. And it's dreamy creaminess. I'm a pretty big fan. And I need to start expanding and making some of the speciality hummuses. After poking around a bit on the interwebs, it would seem that the potential varieties of hummus are absolutely endless. I've got a lot of work to do. Do y'all also hold hummus in high regard? Silly question, of course you do.

Hummus with Green Goo from 101 Cookbooks

Beet Hummus from freutcake

Sweet Potato Hummus from My New Roots

White Bean Hummus from Kitchen Thymes

Red Lentil Hummus from in good taste

Roasted Broccoli Hummus from Not Without Salt

Harvest Hummus from fresh365