The Dating Files: The Bad Date

It's bound to happen. When you go on as many dates as I do, there's gotta be a couple duds in there, right? And I feel like I've been incredibly lucky so far. Most of my dates have been at the very least completely pleasant. Of course, I do tend to see nothing but the best in people so that could be part of it as well. But a few weeks ago. It happened. I had a terrible date. A date that couldn't end fast enough. The minute I saw him I knew. Even if he had been the most interesting, hilarious and charming man in the entire world it wouldn't matter because there would never be an attraction there. Never ever. (He was approximately 5'3"* and was wearing what I can only describe to you as a women's khaki trench coat). His face had a troll-ish quality. To make matters worse, he was a terrible conversationalist. Now, I can talk to a brick wall and conversation is one of my greatest skills but I just couldn't do it this time. I really wasn't up for carrying this date. So there were silences. Long, painful, nightmarish silences during which I could feel him starring at me and it was making my skin crawl. All I kept thinking was "Alright self, how long do we have to stay here?"

So what is one to do? What is the protocol here? Can you just cut and run or do you have to stay and be polite? I'm still trying to figure that out. In this particular case I stayed for two drinks. One just felt awkward mostly because I downed the first one like a champ. But once that second drink was finished I got the hell out of there. Of course, he insisted on walking me to the bus stop (even though I essentially begged him not to). And mid-walk he tried to put his arm around me and because he was so much shorter it was the most awkward maneuver that has ever been attempted. Then he stood at the bus stop starring at me for a painfully long time. I have never been happier to see the M8 pull up. I nearly embraced the bus driver for saving me.

The thing about a bad date is it can really (really) get you down. It's a quick way to feel pretty hopeless about the whole dating scene (I'm done. I'm never going to meet anyone. Blah blah blah). But, like anything else you let yourself feel bummed for a minute and then keep going and you try again. And wouldn't you know it, since then I've had a couple pretty redeeming dates with a few promising ones on the horizon. Come on guys, you know one terrible date isn't going to slow this gal down.

p.s. what was your worst date?

happy weekend times! xo


* sliiiight exaggeration