The Dating Files: Communication

I have plenty of friends who have been off the market for quite awhile. Friends who have been married and/or in committed relationships for years. And they always ask me "what's it like out there?" And I think truthfully it's probably pretty much the same. There are some goods ones and some bad ones. Some who want to get to know you and some who just want to get in your pants. But I think one thing that's changed is, and I kid you not, 95% of all communication is done via text. And I get it, I'm a pretty voracious texter too. Texting is easy and quick and perfect for lots of things like a simple question or a funny aside or an "on the way." But, texting definitely isn't romantic. And so much of the romance is already absent from the whole online dating process that it's a shame when the few remaining opportunities for romance are cast aside. Any form of communication where you have to include a smiley or a wink to make sure the other person gets what you're saying is definitely imperfect. And I think the reliance of texts, specifically in dating, is kind of a downer.

I've gotten nice texts, sweet texts, dirty texts, awkwardly long texts, hilarious texts, photo texts and sad/pathetic/pleading texts. But the one thing I haven't gotten a lot of is phone calls. And let me be clear, I'm not staunchly anti-text or anything. I don't have a rule about not going out with a guy if he texts or anything like that. But, if he calls, I take notice and it makes me smile. It's such a small thing but it says "hey, I like you enough to call you." And it means something. In this weird world of online dating there's something personal about calling that reminds you you're still just a girl and he's still just a boy and you're trying to see if you like each other like people have done for years. I'm a sucker for the phone call. I love hearing what guys sound like on the phone. And I think the quasi-awkwardness of the first few phone calls is totally sweet and endearing. I guess I'm still a little bit old fashioned. And I almost took a second date with a guy who I had decided not to go out with again SIMPLY BECAUSE he called. True story.

So to all the boys out there (who aren't reading this), pick up the phone and call us girls. We really like it. Alright, that's my two cents. Where do you fall on texting vs. calling?  And seriously, have a fabulous weekend. It's the smart thing to do.