Drink Up

I've added a relatively new rule to my diet. One that maybe you should consider as well. I now make sure to have one freshly squeezed green juice a week. That's easy enough right? And think of all those delicious nutrients and antioxidants! I'm a new juice convert, but am already a huge fan. I feel all healthy and strong after one of these babies. I like kale, beet, carrot and ginger. Or there's one I get called Thai Greens that's kale, cilantro, pineapple and ginger. I know it's surprising but kale juice is oddly delicious. I've actually had an insanely tasty margarita that was made with kale juice but I digress as not every part of my diet needs to include alcohol. Now, I'd love to get a juicer but with a tiny ass kitchen and no dishwasher it just doesn't make sense. But one fresh green juice a week is totally easy and do-able. Come on, let's do it.