Thoughtful Eating: Nut Butters

Before I even begin this post let's get something out of the way: I have an unnatural obsession with almond butter. I've had to stop buying it so much because if it's in the house, I'll devour it. Seriously, I can't be trusted. Have you tried it? In general, almonds have more nutritional benefits than peanuts so that's why I made the switch. And I don't miss the old stuff at all. Some people can't get into the almond butter thing, which is okay. No matter what kind of nut butter you choose, make sure to go with an all-natural choice. Jiff and Skippy and those kinds have so much added sugar in them, they actually taste like candy to me now. So check the ingredients and try to get a nut butter that only has one ingredient - nuts. And it's not just peanut and almond, my store has cashew and soy nut. And my sis really likes sunflower seed butter. Yes, all of these are high in fat. But it's the good fat so in moderation it's a very wise choice. And the whole moderation things is where it all falls apart for yours truly. I'll slather almond butter on anything; toast, apples, celery sticks, rice crackers, wassa bread, pretzel sticks and of course once I start it's usually not long until I'm standing in the kitchen just scooping it into my mouth with a spoon like a crazy person. (Yes boys, I am available).

Alright, my friends let's talk nut butters. Where do you stand?