The Dating Files: My (crooked-y) Path

If you would have told me I was going to be not only unmarried and without kids but totally single when I was 33 I probably wouldn't have believed you. I'm not sure why, I just always assumed I'd be all settled by now. But I'm not. Of course it's hard sometimes because I do want to meet someone to fall in love with. And I would like to get married and have kids one day. But this time around I want to try and do that with the right person. And I believe I will meet him, I just don't know when. And that requires a lot of patience that is sometimes difficult to muster, especially for this lady. I make a lot of "dying alone" jokes. And that's when I have to stop obsessing about the future and focus on how completely awesome my life is.

I'm completely free and untethered. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want to. And that is a pretty effing great thing to have in your early thirties. I have the wisdom, experience and money I didn't have in my twenties so I am able to really enjoy that freedom. And being along is an incredibly important rite of passage in my opinion because you're able to get to know yourself as an individual. When my relationship of four years ended I remember the thought of being single again was so terrifying. But now I know I am completely capable of being single and happy. And I love that I know that about myself and I think it makes me much better prepared to be happy in my next relationship.

{image: Design for Mankind // Suit up or die}

My life isn't following the same straight path that most of my friends lives are. The majority of them have been married for years and have babies or are busy making babies. I would love for that to happen for me someday but there's no guarantee and I have to be okay with that. I believe good things will happen to me and that I will get the kind of life that I want. And one thing's for sure, I will have a really fun time doing it.

And with that, happy Friday. xo