The Dating Files: It's in a (nick)Name

So as my great search for love continues I've noticed an interesting phenomenon. I'm very lucky and I have a lot key people who are rooting for me, people who want to know how my dating life is. So as I go on dates (and let's be clear, I go on quite a few) I inevitably share some of the highlights and lowlights with my aforementioned esteemed counsel. And you know what both I and they have noticed? Since I started dating again in December, I almost never call any of these boys by their names. Instead, I assign each of them a simple and straightforward nickname so my trusted confidants and I can keep them all straight. And that makes sense right? With so many dudes it can be downright confusing to try and keep up with all the goings on in my love life. But that's only part of the story. You know what they say about naming the puppy? That if you bring a puppy home and you name it then you'll get emotionally attached and want to keep it. The same sort of thing applies to my dating life. I've been on tons of dates. Some more than once and even twice but I haven't gotten serious enough with anyone to start referring to them by their name. And when I do, I think me and everyone around me will know that I've finally met someone I really like.

For your reading pleasure here's a sampling of a few of the men I've dated in the last four months as represented by their nicknames:

Crazy Texting Guy  (I tried to break thing off with him via text and he sent me all these sad, pleading texts) Jeopardy Guy (Yes, I dated not just a Jeopardy contestant but a Jeopardy winner. Kid was smart) Improv Guy (He did improv) The Mailroom Guy (Worked in a mailroom) The Hot Guy (Was very attractive) Arkansas Guy (Hailed from Arkansas) The Republican (We'll refer ro this as The Great Mistake) Thumb Ring Guy (I loathe male jewelry. And a thumb ring?! Ugh. The mental picture/memory of it still gives me the skeevies)

See how confusing it gets?! Oh it so very hard to be me. And without saying too much or getting into specifics, the online dating gods have been kind to me recently. So here's to meeting somebody who I hope sticks around for awhile. Yes I'll admit it, it might be nice to name one of these puppies.

Alright enough of my nonsense. Let's go have fabulous weekends. It's the smart thing to do. Hugs all around.