Cupcake Basics 101

Going to take a quick break from Thoughtful Eating today and discuss something of utter importance: cupcakes. This past Sunday I was lucky enough to get to take a cupcake making classes at the truly awesome ButtterLane cupcake shop in the East Village (seriously, totally kicks Magnolia's ass). I found out about the class through CourseHorse which is a genius new website that connects New Yorkers with all sorts of interesting classes around the city. There were many course offerings on the website but Cupcake Basics 101 worked best with my schedule. And it's a class about cupcakes so, duh. The class consisted of about 12 people and was held in the ButterLane classroom. We split up into groups of about four and each group took care of one of the cupcakes and one of the frostings. The cupcake choices were vanilla, chocolate and banana and the frosting choices were vanilla, chocolate and cream cheese. I ended up at the banana cupcake table where we  took turns dumping ingredients in and watching the kitchenaid turn the ingredients into a beautiful banana batter. While they were baking we made the frostings and tried them all, several times obvie.

After all the frostings were made and the cupcakes were done baking the instructor spread them out on a big table and demonstrated how to frost the cupcakes and make the signature ButterLane swirl. She told us to set aside our best swirl attempt because there would be a contest and the best swirl-er would get a prize.

Well. You'll never guess who won. That's right not only did I come home with NINE delicious cupcakes but because I did the best job of nailing the signature swirl I also came home with a ButterLane gift certificate. Pretty talented lady, huh?

I want to thank CourseHorse for sending me to the class free of charge. It was a great time and I'd highly recommend it. Because I can bake, the class felt a touch basic however it was still a fun way to spend an afternoon. The only thing I'd say is bring a pal along because the more the merrier, right? It might even be a fun date activity. And if you live in the City definitely check out CourseHorse and see what classes pique your interest.

I'm eyeing this or this for my next learning adventure.