Blogger Crush: Chris from Man Made DIY & Curbly

Hip hip hooray for a new Blogger Crush. And a special one, to boot. This is my first solo male Blogger Crush. A few weeks ago I featured a man (William Brinson) as part of a couple (The Brinsons, obviously) but this is the first man who can claim to be one of my Blogger Crushes all on his own. Can you imagine his bragging rights?! Dear readers, meet Chris of Man Made DIY and Curbly. I know Chris from Alt Summit and he is a doll. Man Made DIY is a one-stop shop for all things manly, crafty and cool. I really love this blog and I've personally decided it should be required reading for all the men I date (I'm still figuring out how to implement this plan, stay tuned). And Curbly is a home improvement and DIY empire that will have your potential project list growing at an alarming rate. So, Chris is kind of a blogging star and he's got phenomenal taste. Oh and in case that wasn't enough, he's also smart, clever, and totally adorable. And he makes a terrific drinking partner and has promised me a whiskey tutorial next time he's in NYC which I fully plan on taking him up on. I'm so glad he stopped by and be sure to pay special attention to his answer to question nine. I rather loved that one, I think you'll see why.