When I Grow Up. Part Three.

I don't know if I'll ever stop dreaming of new jobs and careers. Does everybody do that? The grass is always greener and I find it incredibly enjoyable to play pretend with new career paths. I've already mentioned to y'all that I want to design and operate an inn in the south and open a high end, gourmet general store when I grow up. And today I've got a new pipe dream.

When I grow up... 

I want to be a florist. I'd own my adorable little shop crammed with flowers where I'd spend my days listening to music, chatting with customers and creating all sorts of beautiful arrangements. The shop would be quaint and charming and it would get great light.And of course there's the smell, MY GOD THE SMELL! Can you imagine being around that smell all the time? Heavenly. I'd get to create beautiful things and use my hands all day. And the best part is I would get to take fresh flowers home every day. Sounds pretty good to me.


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