Thoughtful Eating: Milk

I have a cup of milk everyday in my smoothie plus another half cup or so in my various cups of coffee through out the day. And there's my inevitable monthly box of Cheerios to contend with as well. All in all, I drink a lot of milk. And I've long been a drinker or regular old organic fat free cow's milk. I don't have any lactose issues so toe me it has always seemed like the the best and most natural option. But recently I decided to branch out. On recommendation from a friend, I just switched to the blended Almond Coconut milk. It's not quite as creamy but I do like the slightly nutty sweet taste. It's totally doable in my smoothie but I'm not yet sold on it for my cereal or my morning coffee. Nutritionally they aren't all that different aside from the protein (see my adorable little chart below).

But taste aside, I'm still not where sure where I land on the milk issue. There are people who think it's weird that we're the only animals to drink milk after weaning AND the only animal to drink the milk of another mammal. And yes, that is odd if you think about it but I'm not convinced that means it's bad. I tend to think that eating food that is closest to how it's found in nature is usually the best idea, no? I mean wouldn't farm fresh cow's milk be the ideal in this respect? Meanwhile, the almond coconut milk has both the health and environmental benefits of a plant based diet which I do think is so worthwhile. So, I'm still unsure. As with most things perhaps it's about finding a balance for now. Maybe I'll use regular milk for my coffee and my occasional Cherrios habit and the almond coconut milk for my smoothies.

What do you think? What kind of milk do you drink?