The Dating Files: What to Wear

It's no secret I take outfit selection seriously. So you can imagine first date outfit selection is pretty serious business for this lady. And in the past couple of months I've been on quite a few first dates. And the key to a successful first date outfit is partially how it looks, but it's mostly about how it makes you feel. If you don't feel hot, you definitely won't look hot. So, I make sure I feel great in whatever it is I choose to wear. (In fact, that's my new clothes purging rule: if I don't feel great in something it goes bye-bye). Now, as you know, I'm a dress fan. You'd be hard pressed to find me wearing jeans on any date, much less a first one. Dresses are pretty and feminine and that's my style. I feel like I look best in dresses which in turn makes me feel more confident which in turn makes me more able to charm the socks off of my date. See? It's just that simple.

Not really. Last weekend I had two dates so I needed two out-of-control-cute outfits. So I had one of my patented iPhone self portrait closet mirror try-on seshes (likeI do). This allows me to really get an objective look at my options as well as get valuable second opinions from vital members of my advising counsel. Here's a photographic breakdown of my outfit selection process. What do you think? Did I choose winners? And what do you like to wear on a first date?

Happy Weekend. xo