The Dating Files: The Importance of Girlfriends


This dating shit can be kind of hard, y'all. I'm not going to lie. All in all I'm enjoying the process, but it can be frustrating and sad. I have to constantly remind myself to be patient and calm because this can be a scary and lonely time. Sometimes I feel like giving up. Like maybe it just isn't going to happen for me. And when that happens I turn to my girlfriends. You see I'm lucky because I happen to have the best group of girlfriends in the whole world. They are spread out all over the place but the distance doesn't change the fact that they take care of me and keep me sane. It can be a phone call, a funny text, a brunch, a couple of bottles of wine or a weekend away but checking in with them and just knowing they're on my team, rooting for me with all their hearts, makes me know it's all going to work out somehow. I couldn't face this crazy dating world without them. Fact.

Just last weekend I spent four days with one my best friends in the whole wide world who happens to (tragically) live in San Francisco. Not only did we have the best time ever catching up over pina coladas in the sun but I was also able to dump all my dating woes on her. And she listened and she gave me so many things to think about and so much thoughtful advice. And because she knows me so dang well it was insanely helpful and therapeutic. I felt like I should have been paying her! I came away with a new outlook on dating and on what I'm looking for. Sometimes it takes a girlfriend to help you sort through all your craziness and then set you straight. It is seriously the best kind of therapy there is. And bonus: there were lots of pina coladas!

And with that I will wish you a happy weekend. Your weekend homework is to call your girlfriends and tell them you love them. And also, to have lots of fun. Alright, see you on the other side pals.