The Dating Files: online profile writing

Hello hello! And a happy Friday to you my friends. As I continue to swim in the online dating pool I find I often rethink my profile. It's to the point where I downright obsess about it. Is it funny and clever but not over the top trying too hard? Is it well-written-ish? And most importantly does it even sound like me? Am I doing an adequate job of conveying what a special treasure I am?

So, I tweak. A lot. I re-read again and again. And then I re-write. It's hard to try and sum yourself up in a few paragraphs. And because I love you guys and I'm an over-sharer and I enjoy baring my soul here, I thought I'd share my profile (as it is right now) with you. Now, I will continue to change and mess with this stupid thing because I am an obsessive weirdo. But tell me what you think. And I'm in particular asking all of my male readers to weigh in. Just kidding, I don't have any.

Note: Do men even read the written part of online dating profiles? There's a part of me that believes they just click through to the pictures (which we already covered). Actually, I saw a funny tweet from The Sulk (do y'all follow him? you should.) once that perfectly confirmed my suspicions. Here it is:

"Click on name. Click on photos. Click on Profile Pictures. Click on one with your whole body. Goodbye forever."

Slightly depressing but hilarious because there's some truth there. I know the man of my dreams looks at more than just the pictures. And now, for your Friday reading pleasure, I present you with my profile. Have a great weekend. Happy St. Patrick's day! xo