The Dating Files: kissing

Let me start off by saying. I love to kiss. Actually, I should be more specific; I love making out. It's a favorite activity of mine. Okay, now that that is out of the way...

There are lots of important things to consider when navigating the waters of the dating world. Is he nice? Funny? Smart? Employed? But it is my belief that one of the most crucial things to consider is the quality of the first kiss. And I should let it be known that I am a wait and be kissed kind of girl. I'm all for sending out "kiss me, you idiot" signals. But when it comes right down to leaning in for the kill, sorry boys but you'll have to take care of that one. In fact, I can't recall a time I ever made the first move. *Cue some random ex emailing me to call bullshit.

I hate to put such a crazy amount of weight onto a single kiss but the truth is there's a lot of vital information in that first kiss. Such as, and perhaps most importantly, do I want to kiss them again. Because if the first kiss is no good, there's really no coming back form that. Right? I mean yes, it takes a little while to fully mesh kissing styles. But you can tell within a few seconds if you're compatible or not. And if you're not, it's pretty terrible. But if that first kiss is good. And the chemistry is there. And you want to kiss them again (and again and again). Well, there's really nothing better.

p.s. I went out with a guy who quoted this to me before he went in for the kiss. It was a slightly terrifying. And then he went crazy and wouldn't stop texting me. Hooray dating!

p.p.s. Have you ever made the first move? And does everyone put as much weight into the first kiss as I do?

p.p.p.s. Happy Friday! My advice for the weekend is to do some good ol' fashioned makin' out.

images: {Life Google Archive} and {Old Hollywood Quotes}