Blogger Crush: Brittany of Wantist

Have you noticed that I have been making a concerted effort to post a new blogger crush every Thursday? Well I have been trying to make things a little more regular around here while still keeping a little bit of that slap dash/blogging by the seat of my pants charm that you've come to know (and love?). So it is in fact Thursday and I do in fact have a new blogger crush for your eyes today. Meet Brittany, my friends. She and I haven't actually ever met in person (we missed each other at last year's ALT somehow) but we're good pals on the internets. Brittany and her husband Jacob are the couple behind Wantist, the genius website which is dedicated to the art of gift giving. And as an appreciator of that particular art form, I happen to love this website. They have a customizable search option so for example, you can find a romantic gift for someone geeky or a stylish gift for someone domestic or any of about a million other combinations. And even if you aren't on a gift search for someone in particular, it is easy to get lost among the awesomeness that is their perfectly curated gift collection or the accompanying gift centric blog. Go check out Wantist right now! And big hugs to Brittany for stopping by.

p.s. check out my guest post over on Wantist