Artist Crush: Kazuya Morimoto

I decided to start volunteering. What I do for a living isn't exactly great for the world so I figured I should start putting some positivity out in the world. It's important to give back no matter what and I was long overdue. So, I joined New York Cares which makes volunteering ridiculously easy (New Yorkers, I highly recommend it) and my first project was this weekend. I spent Saturday afternoon helping organize The New York Public Library. Hooray Dewey Decimal System! If you are the type of person who likes organizing things, this is the volunteering job for you. Several quiet hours doing a simple task can be quite therapeutic and satisfying. I was working in the Jefferson Market branch of the library which was featuring the work Kazuya Morimoto. He does illustrations and watercolors of city scenes and many of the Village ones were framed and displayed amongst the books at the library. So as I walked through the stacks returning book after book to it's appropriate home on it's appropriate shelf, I couldn't help but fall in love with these lovely New York scenes of my neighborhood.

p.s. That building that looks like a church in the first picture is actually the library. And the garden outside is where Miranda got married.